With great help of my friends and a well known photographer,

we created an album which I called "unique".

These ladies are not models, they are everyday women,

of different ages, who look fantastic in these black and white pictures.

The women and my jewels : Perfect matching

Thank you ladies!

Unique jewels for unique women

Maria : Marketing Director

Anastasia : agronomist

Natalia : actress

Liana : lawyer

Nefeli : company owner

Dominique : employee

Michaela : teacher

Katerina : consultant

Kostantina : employee

Maria: hotel owner

Aleka : family business

Maria : employee

Athena : store owner

Athena : employee

Athanasia : educator

Cristina : educator

Despina : actress

Ioanna : architect

Anna : artist

Clair : theatrologist

Sianna : radio producer

Vicky : yoga teacher

Ageliki : actress

Sofia : wedding planner

Sonia : marketing adviser

Katerina : professor

Vicky: employee